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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Back from CO with 5 new pieces, and SO MUCH MORE

Below the Fold below is where lies controversial stuff, if you don't want to go there, stay above.

The link to my website: Claude Lyles Art Works  , recently updated. Best view is on your desktop, tablet or laptop; if, however, you view on your phone, the menu is in the "hamburger" in the upper left of the opening screen. It will give you several viewing options. This month 186 viewers, so far; last month totaled 325; number one visiting location -Beijing. Don't ask me...

My only social media is Instagram. I use it to keep track of all the wonderful art being created every day, all around the world. Artworks without the blog! You can see a more current version of my comings and goings, art in progress, friends visiting SW Florida, etc. Instagram link, then to estudiocieloazul, or Claude Lyles

New Art:

 How the sausage is made...
 A couple of pastels done in early August at the Cape Coral Yacht Club with my Lee Plein Air art group.  The top piece is 9 x 12, the marina 18 x 12"

Now I have a new favorite in my top ten...
8 x 10" oil on canvas, a nearby creek.

Reminder that you can click on photos to enlarge and pinch open even further. And, if you are curious about possibly purchasing a piece, contact me and I will quote you a price framed/ unframed. They are surprisingly affordable.

And maybe one more fave in this group from the Colorado group: five 9" x 7" acrylic on canvas board. The first three are for sale in the Wynbrier Gallery in Estes Park (Link to the gallery, ask for Candace ), the last two are here, framed and ready to sell. I am asking $139 plus postage (approximately $15) for these two. Let me know. Pike's Peak on the right.

 Cheyenne Mountain Canyon
 Stanley Hotel

 Two from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I started on site and finished when I returned home.

Other Art: 
There are some amazing "realist" artists out there. Open the watercolor below. Not only is it sooooo realistic, it is done in watercolor, not oil. Yow.

For St Louisians - This was a BIG story, amazing that after four years Shawn was found. It captivated the city. And, there's was the weird situation of the other boy found with him. A feel good ending. And Mr. Akers stayed on it, worked through it. Well, now may he rest in peace.

And, several blogs ago I expressed my sympathy and a sense of profound loss when my friend Craig Biesterfeld appeared in the obituaries. Well, I think I have his story correct - in the spring, maybe March, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and did not live anywhere as long as they had hoped he would, only a couple of months. I'll always miss him. 


Sad but fascinating account of Hitler's war on Poland, then Jews and Catholic priests, then Slavs, the Russian soldiers. I found out it wasn't so easy to ask..."Why didn't they (anybody) do something. This was going in about ten different directions. Right off the bat, England questioned Pilecki's smuggled reports because in WWI they cried wolf on purpose to inflate what was happening to their troops in confinement. You couldn't trust anyone, but ultimately that is one of the solutions to the puzzle and humanity, you have to decide to trust, and honor. To get through this though, you have to harden your mind and heart. There was no rhyme or reason to much of the death other than there were innate, cuel, thugs. Or some were trying to protect themselves from their own commanders. Then there was the deception toward the Jews. Germany's false presentation to the international community. It was too awful to believe. We had our own troubles, etc. It took me to the core of humanity, could not go further into the interior.

What was going on in the rest of the world...Bitter infighting in the US - those that wanted to help France - oops they're gone, who's left, England. Others, most of the US citizens said stay out of Europe, "no war". Churchill begging Roosevelt. Roosevelt's cabinet severely divided. Churchill deceiving. We (US) need resources and men for fronts in Africa, Italy - where do we fight? Will Russia fight Hitler? Hitler turns on Russia. Stalin's approach surprised Hitler: We have more men than you have bullets. Tens of thousands troops dying in single battles. Even more prisoners, to where you could not capture and hold them, so just shoot them on the spot.  All the while, Russia wants Poland and wants Poland to deplete its troops fighting a lost cause vs Germany, valiant but vastly out numbered. Do we bomb Auschwitz or concentrate on the western front? If we try to liberate will Germany kill even more innocents, family members in retaliation? As it turned out, after worrying about the repurcussions to the family, innocents, etc, the German soldiers killed them anyway. Line up one hundred picked at random and shoot them in the head, or step on their throat, or stab them with a shot of phenol in their heart. Reminds me of my advice if you are threatened to be taken hostage - don't get in the car, don't go with the bad guy. If he is going to kill you he might as well do it where you are accosted. The prisoners begged England to bomb the camp, putting them out of their misery and destroying the gas chambers, the brutal torture. No help from Poland's resistance because they want to save their powder to liberate Warsaw; they tried but were crushed and then Russia swept in...Poland never had a victory parade, They never experienced an end to the war. Russia exterminated all of the resistance fighters against Germany. Did Roosevelt "give" away Poland to Stalin? No, the reality on the ground was there was nothing we could do militarily to stop them. Oh Yea, at the same time we were fighting an impossible front in the Pacific against a Japanese navy and army that had no soul - ask Korea or the Philippines. Washington and the cabinet, plus Pacific front leaders were just as split on which direction we should go in the Pacific. At the same time. Our nation was stretched in every direction but we held together, pulled together resources, paid an incredible price in death and injury. The psyche of our troops was damaged, maybe not recognized but manifested in what took place in our country in the 50's and 60's.  The ensuing Cold War was real. In retrospect it is amazing to me that Earth didn't just crack or shatter into 1,000 pieces. Finally, to those who want to call their political opponents "Nazi's" - stop it. There is absolutely no comparison. None. Not even close. We're not anywhere near heading to what Germany did. Its a disservice and a dishonor to the millions tortured, cruelly, unmercifully killed. You can't trivialize what they did to those poor souls.

Howard Stern
's book I mentioned in the last blog: It was interesting on several fronts' It was primarily a collection of his interviews over the last, what, 25 years? And some personal commentary thrown in-between chapters. I have never heard one of his shows but based on these interview, whew awful discussions - and the guests went along with questions on sex, (ALL kinds), personal relationships that should probably have remained private, race. I was surprised what the women let out of their mouth...makes the MeTwo movement a joke. ONE person wouldn't play along and I give her credit for not doing an interview with him - Hillary Clinton. He said that with therapy and a good marriage he has changed, and that was one of the reasons he took on a judge position on America's Got Talent, that and about $25 million or so. There were multiple interviews with DJT over the years, mostly joking around, but numerous times topics came up that he still pursues today. So one interview was labeled Your President 25 years before he was elected, then the next chronologically getting closer, say 18 years, 12 years, etc. Interesting time capsule.

And, Escalante's Dream. He, and another Franciscan headed out to explore and search for a route from Santa Fe, NM to Monterey, CA. left in 1776. Short story, after four months, it didn't work and they returned home. The author, David Roberts and his wife followed the trail from original notes and what little info they found in the archives in NM. All of their party made it back. Much discussion about the trails, sites, pueblos, tribes, and their attempt to baptize Indians. The latter did not go well. Having lived in NM and having traveled many of the same routes, primarily in the Four Corners area and to pueblos south of Albuquerque, it brought back some vivid travel memories. I truly felt of what he wrote. Unfortunately, this author, a boomer who grew up in Boulder, the son of a CU professor had to ruin my train of thought, so to speak, as he just had to make snide remarks about the two presidents Bush; furthermore, he referenced "our" racism and xenophobia, 2019 favorite words...I guess "our" referenced his liberal/progressive homeboys. He never explained about who he was writing. It kind of ruined the book for me.

Colorado: Colorado Springs, Ft Carson, Estes Park, Denver (Wings Over The Rockies museum)...
Also, great outdoor shop at 1401 S 8th Street in the Springs - actually two stores in one. The first is a challenging and extensive climbing location, from indoor walls, to outdoor bolder projects - Pure Bouldering Gym; part two is a fulfilling, used equipment store for climbing, ski, snowboard, camping, kayak, clothing, and supplemental equipment. Once season starts 95% of the inventory will be gone quickly. Yes, they restock but if you want the best selection, head to Gearonimo Sports. You can view online at Link to Gearonimo and and Pure Bouldering

Largest pizza I ever ordered, 26" sausage, onion and mushrooms. Fat Sully's Pizza in CoSPGS. Add - Boney and Read authentic New Orleans fare. Yes, I gained weight on this trip.

 This, is a fun place to visit at the former Lowry AFB site in Denver, Hanger #1 is all that remains. Had some great conversations with volunteers from WWII and Korea. 

 Martin T38 trainer

Fort Carson

 I always try to stop at the Olympic Training Center in the Springs. They, however, are charging for tours now. Purchased a US Olympic polo shirt.

On the way to Garden of the Gods...

  Beautiful day in Estes Park, 7,500' elevation.

Was able to spend time in Denver and Evergreen, hiked, I mean walked, in the Three Sisters SP. Saw friends who were in town to see The Rolling Stones at Mile High Stadium, or whatever they call it now, at a superb Mexican restaurant - Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina at 1294 S Braodway. Go there right now!

Listening: My portfolio of Gordon Lightfoot. Soooooo many good songs. Protocol is one of two songs that get me misty, the other is by Kenny Chesney - Don't Blink. Both bring my boys to mind.
Dan Fogelberg - Make Love Stay. The Complete Tony Bennett/Bill Evans - The Vangard Years. It included a second disc of alternate takes. Bill was the preeminent jazz pianist in the late 50's, 60's and 70's until he died at the age of 51, another drug related early passing. While he had his own trio, he also recorded at the request of Miles Davis (Kind of Blue album), Stan Getz, Cannonball Adderley, well, you get the idea.

Think about it...

 Ten, that's it?????

Cant wait to see it and hear it...mid-engine 2020 Corvette. Awesome.



Remember this one from David Letterman's Top Ten feature? 

My blogging will probably slow as Monday starts a new semester.  I thought I was taking a painting, painting workshop at Florida Gold Coast U but it turned out to be the seniors' prep class for their Senior exhibit in the Spring workshop. The significance is that only 1/3 will be painting, 1/3 research, and 1/3 presentation practice, which I won't have to do since I am auditing and am not a senior. They assigned four books to read. I thought I would be just coloring in the lines. It is a great deal, however,  if you are a FL resident and at least 60, you can audit for FREE.

If that won't be enough, on Wednesday I will be in Drawing class at Florida Southwestern State. I met with the professor and I think she will be a good help, guide for me to go forward. We will do a life-size self portrait which will be a first for me. If done correctly it can be a great exercise.

Below The Fold---------------------------------------
Enter at your own risk:

Special Prosecutor Mueller:

By the way, NO prosecutor EVER goes into a courtroom and announces to the judge and jury, "Today I am going to prove beyond a reasonable doubt (or just prove) and exonerate the accused of any wrongdoing."  It is not their job. They are there to prove guilt. And, they tell the judge and jury what and why they feel the evidence proves the guilt. If they can't do that... So don't fall for the Dems bait that DJT was not exonerated, and no, SPM was not there to prove innocence. Not his job.

Now, to the OTHER collusion case that is ongoing...

There is SOOOOOO much material. I am going to run out of ink...


Priorities, Francis...

This was great on Babylon Bee. Gore will have to do another climate warning in 12 years and we'l have to listen/watch it

Did you hear?


So, the progressives and Democrats want the economy to tank so Trump won't be re-elected...I hope you have lots of savings or are a millionaire like Maher and other elites in Hollywood, NY and DC. For the rest of us...